108 Winter St

Saugus MA 01906


35MM Slide Printing Service

The first step in printing 35MM slides is conversion to digital.  The old wet process used to make prints from 35MM positive film is no longer a commonly offered service.

I'm Jim Harrington. I've been converting Kodachrome slides to digital photos for over 16 years and now I'm offering slide film printing services.

Located at 108 Winter St in Saugus Massachusetts, SlideScanning123 is a home office based business offering slide printing services on-site at up to 12x18".  An off-site lab is used for extra large prints.

  • Kodak Kodachrome Printing Service
  • Ektachrome film Printing
  • Fuji Slide Film Printing

Call Jim Harrington at

781-244-5655 with questions

about printing your 35MM slides.