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slides to digital conversion scanning - Jim Harrington, has been serving customers from all over the United States for over 16 years.

This page will serve as a directory to testimonials from customers from various States across the US.

California and the  Texas have been the source of so much work I've received over the years.


I have digitized thousands of 35MM slides for many businesses and individuals in the state of Texas, including Ingersoll Rand in Garland Texas and Texas Children's Hospital - Baylor college of Medicine.

Changes in the way people access the internet, especially relating to mobile search, have created the need for website creators to make their pages mobile friendly.

Because of that,  I've had to create a new website and new pages to promote my slides to digital conversion services. I'm just now beginning to catch up making pages that contain testimonials from customers for from each of the states.

If you have questions about if you have questions about converting your Kodak film to digital, whether it be Kodachrome Ektachrome Fujichrome or any of the other 35mm slide film Brands call Jim Harrington at 781-244-5655.